Houses and apartments in the outer suburban areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth were in the highest demand in those cities for the month up to September 6, according to Domain’s Buyer Demand Indicator. Using the Buyer Demand Indicator, those “likely to buy” are classified by the actions they take on Domain, like shortlisting a home, sending an inquiry, completing a property inspection and frequently viewing photos and the property listing.

The indicator shows that since the pandemic began, demand has increased everywhere but Melbourne and Hobart, with serious buyers showing the biggest increase in activity in Darwin where there has been a 72% increase in buyer demand. “The current health crisis has changed the way we use our homes, and for some, altered our purchasing decisions and property wish lists,” says Domain senior research Analyst Dr Nicola Powell. Demand from serious buyers, or those acting with “high intent”, have increased in most capital cities around Australia as pent-up demand from the coronavirus-related lockdown dissipates through property markets.