One of the greatest myths in real estate is that prestige property grows the fastest in value, while “problem” areas (lower socio-economic locations with high crime rates) under-perform.

RiskWise Property Research has found that high-crime areas across Australia are out-performing the general market. They’re trumping their safer neighbouring suburbs when comparing their five-year growth to the city’s median – especially those problem areas undergoing a gentrification process or redevelopment.

RiskWise CEO Doron Peleg says that “most investors believe high-crime rates have a detrimental effect on price growth, but it simply isn’t so.”

In Melbourne, suburbs surpassing the market included Frankston North which had growth of 102% over five years. “Suburbs like Frankston North are not outliers and similar results can be found in each of the major cities,” he says. “Busby in the western suburbs of Sydney has endured some of the highest gun violence rates, yet it delivered growth above the city median.”

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