Real estate agents across the nation are reporting a surge in interest from first-home buyers.

Many first-home buyers with secure jobs who have spent months looking for a property and missed out at auctions during the recent market rebound are redoubling their efforts to find quality homes. “Entry-level buyers and young families have been the most active,” says auctioneer Thomas McGlynn. President of the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia Cate Bakos says young buyers who are confident in their jobs are taking advantage of the high government assistance for first-time buyers.

FHB enquiries in Canberra rose 56% in March when compared to March 2019, according to The second most active first-timer market is Brisbane, which in March sustained an increase in enquiries of 12% year on year. The Sydney and Adelaide markets increased 4% and 3% respectively. State stamp duty concessions have been an influencing factor, as well as the Federal Government’s support scheme which launched on 1 January.