We are officially half way through 2016, can you believe it? The property market in Australia has experienced an exciting 6 months, from mixed predictions for the market to some states achieving unprecedented growth in property values.

The interest in property investment has never been so high and with the rest of the year gearing up to be just as eventful as the first half, those in the industry are keeping a close eye on what’s happening in the property market. With countless resources and news headlines bombarding our senses, the question becomes how do we stay up to date with what’s really going on in the industry? One of the most popular ways of staying in the know is to attend a property investment seminar.

Investment seminars are run by property investment and financial experts who present attendees with the real outlook of the property market in a particular area. As well as providing the facts and figures, property investment seminars guide attendees with the knowledge, skills and support required to gain a foothold in the industry and create personal wealth….at least the credible investment companies do.

You may have seen increased attention in the media lately regarding property investment spruikers who invite people to their investment seminars in order to sell their own branded materials or to further the interests of their business partners. When selecting an investment seminar to attend it is important to be cautious and to watch out for these tell tail signs of misinformation:

– High pressure sales tactics used to rush you into buying a property on the day
– The promotion of a particular area, development or builder
– Spruikers offering get rich quick schemes or education programs worth thousands of dollars
– Unsubstantiated performance or testimonials

Once you have taken the time to select a reputable provider, here are the top 5 benefits you can expect to receive from a property investment seminar.

1. Access to the Latest Research

While property investment news and online resources can provide good insight into the state of the property market in Australia, there really is no substitute for the quality of information you will gain from an investment seminar. Investment and wealth creation companies have dedicated teams of experts who research property data over time so that they can provide a meaningful analysis of the market with regard to investment opportunities. Finding a property investment seminar that is backed by thorough research is the first step in increasing your knowledge of the investment industry.

2. Practical Help

There is a large misconception out there that property investment seminars only cater to the needs of well-established investors when in fact, one of the main benefits of attending an investment seminar is to learn how to get started in the industry. A good investment seminar will provide practical help to attendees whether they are new to the industry or whether they are successful property investors already. Investment seminars typically also include a question and answer session where attendees can have the experts answer particular queries.

3. Localised Experience & Insight

Much of the information available online and in the news headlines can not only be sensationalised but can also be a more general view of the property market in Australia. When considering investment options, you will need to know specific information about your local property market and the finer nuances of the suburbs you are interested in. Property investment seminars can provide the local knowledge and experience that other resources aren’t able to.

4. Access to Investment Opportunities

Attending a property investment seminar is typically the first step for most people in developing a long term personal wealth creation strategy. Another benefit of attending a seminar is that the companies that run them can also provide follow up the sessions to discuss your personal investment strategy and the investment options that are available to you in the current market.

5. Networking

Attending a property investment seminar gives you the opportunity to meet with other investors who you can talk with, gain knowledge from or share experiences with. Whether you are just starting to develop a personal investment strategy or if you are an experienced property investor, networking with like-minded people is invaluable.


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The information provided is of a general nature and is not intended to be constituted as financial advice. We recommend that you seek independent advice from qualified professionals before employing any strategies outlined.