Personalised Planning

“If You Fail To Plan…. You Plan To Fail!”

What makes Infinite Wealth unique is our ability to tailor-make a strategy to suit your individual needs, using multiple asset classes and investment strategies, and only using what you currently have available to you right now.

We do this by looking at a full breakdown of your current situation, which is then assessed and analysed by our team of licensed and accredited professionals, ensuring the right plan and individually tailored for your current circumstances.

FREE ' Planning & Strategy Session'

FREE “Planning & Strategy Session” (valued at $295) reveals how to become financially free with no more than your current resources.
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Using our integrated approach, this information is then compiled into a personalised 47-page Strategic Wealth Plan, providing you with a blueprint to achieve your financial goals, whether they be home ownership, travel & lifestyle or early retirement.

The Planning & Strategy Session will provide three clear insights:

Firstly, it will allow you to see exactly where you are currently headed and whether (or not) you are on track to achieve your goals.

Secondly, it will allow you to determine the inefficiencies in your current structure, providing an opportunity to maximise the performance of your strategy.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you will discover what is possible for your future by implementing a personalised strategy built using only your current resources, and having your money work hardest by applying the reliable, affordable and proven Infinite Wealth strategies.

This tailored information will allow you to take action using practical, easy-to-understand, real-life strategies for investment, cash flow, capital appreciation, debt reduction and risk management, producing results many never envisioned.

As an ongoing service, we will review your situation every year FREE OF CHARGE to ensure you are on track or to accommodate any changes to your current financial situation, allowing total flexibility in your plan.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 21,000 people have attended our workshops throughout Australia.
  • We have designed Personalised Wealth Plans for more than 5,000 people.
  • Assisted our clients to invest over $500 million with very high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Recognised by BRW as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.
  • Tim Guest has been recognised amongst Australia’s business elites including WAToday Entrepreneur of the Year and Business News 40under40.
  • Regularly featured in news media and publications including Channel 9, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun and The West Australian
  • 10% of our profits are donated to charities and community projects.
Dale and Marie have reduced their mortgage by $180k since we started helping them.

They also have 2 investment properties and are in the position to move their retired parents to Australia and buy an apartment for them.

Dale & Marie

Our Client’s

Experience & Results

Thousands of everyday hardworking Australians attend Infinite Wealth workshops every year and have gone on to apply the unique methodology to live the life they really want, free from the constraints of their finances.

Lisa Christou & David Prout
Lisa and David both wanted to start investing in property, although having no previous experience they were unsure of where to start. After hearing about Infinite Wealth on the radio, they attended one of Tim Guest’s investment seminars and were given a realistic reality check to plan for the future.They both wanted to feel comfortable and not under any financial strain. Infinite Wealth provided this from the start with consistent support and communication from their client manager.

Vipul Mehta
Vipul had previously invested on his own but was looking to take things to the next level. He wanted to be guided by better strategies and direction. After hearing about Infinite Wealth, he attended an evening workshop and immediately realised how we could help.

Trust is very important to Vipul, especially as he was looking to invest his hard-earned savings into something that would benefit him and his family. Infinite Wealth was successful in designing and implementing a plan for Vipul to achieve his financial goals.

Our Managing Director, Tim Guest, was awarded the Business News 40under40 winner.

Our Managing Director, Tim Guest, was awarded the WA Today Entrepreneur of the year.

Infinite Wealth has been named as one of the fastest-growing new businesses in the BRW Fast Starters List.

FREE ' Planning & Strategy Session'

FREE “Planning & Strategy Session” (valued at $295) reveals how to become financially free with no more than your current resources.
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