How Our Clients Quickly Build A Property Portfolio That Pays Them $2K Per Week In Passive Income, Pays Their Mortgage Off Up To 3X Faster & Saves Them Thousands In Tax Every Year!

More than 20,000 people have attended our workshops over the past 10 years, and we are proud to have assisted our clients to invest almost half a billion dollars with very high satisfaction ratings.

In this workshop, we will cover…

  • Who we are, what we do & how we do it.

  • The #1 investment strategy used by the AFR Top 200 Rich List.

  • How you can use this strategy to replace your income, pay your mortgage off in half the time and live a happy and satisfied life.

  • Where we are currently in the economic cycles and what history can teach us about the future.

  • A breakdown of the most common investment strategies, the pros and cons, and the risks associated.

  • What opportunities exist in the current market, where to find them and how to take advantage of them.

  • Why 94% of investors fail and how you can avoid becoming one of them.

There is also a 30 minute Q&A session at the completion of the webinar.

Many of our attendees report this to be the most valuable part of the event.

***BONUS: Every attendee will receive a FREE gift valued at $295***

This Workshop Will Transform The Way You Think And Act Around Money So You Can Take Action & Achieve Your Financial Goals

Whether they be Home Ownership, Travel & Lifestyle or Early Retirement

Over 20,000+ hard-working Australians have attended our LIVE workshops and have gone on to apply our unique methodology and principles. Using the same proven wealth creation strategies that Tim used himself to replace your income, pay your house off in half the time and live a happy and satisfied life.

The #1 event for everyday hard working Australians who are determined to be financially secure and free.

Discover how to use your current situation to implement proven investment strategies and accelerate your financial growth.

Get clear about your financial goals and design a strategic investment wealth plan that you can act on right away.


***BONUS: Every attendee will receive a FREE gift valued at $295***


Since changing my financial strategy with Infinite Wealth I have managed a sea change, career change, a three month road trip around Australia, a Rottnest channel swim crossing and an investment property all in the same year. Along with my family and friends, thanks for helping me to make these things possible.”

– Michael, Infinite Wealth Client ‘

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Thousands attend the Infinite Wealth workshops every year, and have gone on to apply unique methodology to live the life they really want. Using Tim’s proven wealth creation strategies, the team at Infinite Wealth will develop a strategic plan for you to become financially free.

Infinite Wealth Client Experience & Results - Sam
Infinite Wealth Customer Experience & Results - Vipul
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***BONUS: Every attendee will receive a FREE gift valued at $295***

“We have assisted our client’s to invest over $400 million dollars in assets, with extremely high customer satisfaction ratings.”

About Tim Guest

Tim is an Australian investor, entrepreneur, financial educator, motivational speaker, and author. He is well known for leading life-changing workshops promoting financial literacy, intelligence, and education.

First appearing on stage in 2010, thousands of people each year attend his workshops to increase their investment intelligence to discover and implement proven, little-known strategies that will change their relationship with money and grow their wealth to improve their financial situation forever.

“The workshop with Tim inspired me and I trusted him and the team from the first moment we met. My Client Manager is awesome and the trust we have established meant that I was much more comfortable following their plan for me.”

Gaylia, Infinite Wealth Client

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