How To Potentially Slash Your Tax By Up To $10k – $30k A Year… By Investing In Properties That Also Pay You Money

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“You have nothing to lose by attending the workshop and listening and learning with an open mind.”

– Balbinder Jakhu

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– Gaylia McQueen

“I truly believe that their strategies of creating wealth need to be taught in schools. Thank you Infinite Wealth.”

– James Sciberras

Here’s What You’ll Discover On This
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How To Take Control Of Your Finances Forever

There are a few key distinctions you’ll discover that once implemented, will change the way you manage your money and your financial decisions forever. Doing so will allow you to leverage your money better and build wealth easier.

How To Boost Your Passive Income & Earnings

You shouldn’t be working for your money. It should be working for you. You’ll discover a clear strategy for making that shift so you can capitalise on the compound effect and build real wealth that you can pass on to your family.

How To Reduce Your Debt, Tax, & Financial Strain

Two things that we could all do with less of: debt and tax. Tim will demonstrate proven strategies to manage your debt and pay as little tax as possible (if any at all) — even if you have a high income.

A Foolproof Recipe To Build Sustainable Wealth

It’s not luck that allows some people to grow their wealth. It’s strategy and action. Using only resources you currently have available, you’ll learn the exact strategy that Tim used to buy 13 properties in 5 years and retire as a multi-millionaire at 27.

The Unexpected Outcomes Of Paying Yourself First

Most people pay the mortgage, rent, bills, fees, etc. before they pay themselves. That’s why so many people live paycheck to paycheck. It may seem like an exaggeration, but paying yourself FIRST is the #1 key to building wealth — we’ll explain why at the workshop.

Money Doesn’t Come With Instructions

That’s Why I’m Here To Guide You

Tim is an Australian investor, entrepreneur, financial educator, motivational speaker and author. He is well known for leading life-changing workshops promoting financial literacy, intelligence and education.

First appearing on stage in 2010, thousands of people each year attend his workshops to increase their investment intelligence and discover and implement proven, little known strategies that change their relationship with money, grow their wealth and improve their financial situation forever.

To date, Tim and the Infinite Wealth team of experts have successfully assisted their clients to invest over $500,000,000+ in growth assets with extremely high satisfaction ratings.

*By registering right now you will also receive a Free Planning & Strategy Session valued at $295. This session alone will help you to greatly improve your current financial position**


These Online Workshop Attendees Are On The Path To Achieving Their Financial Goals…

Let us help you to do the same. No BS. No slick sales stuff with hidden agendas. Just focused and intelligent strategies that we have proven over and over again across over $500,000,000+ worth of growth assets for our clients.

*By registering right now you will also receive a Free Planning & Strategy Session valued at $295. This session alone will help you to greatly improve your current financial position**

What Attendees Are Saying…

“Attending the seminar was an absolute life changer!”

– Danielle Smith

“Thank you so much I am very grateful for all the work you do behind the scenes to help me achieve my goals!”

– Jade Brayshaw

“A great team who are passionate and genuine in what they say and do”

– Priyashna Sharma

“Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Absolute life changer!”

– Hayden Smith

“Thank you for having me as a client, you’ve changed my life.”

– Craig Thomas

“Very worthwhile especially if your time-poor. Customer care is at the top of their agenda.”

– Charles Sweeney

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