A survey conducted by market researchers McCrindle and Cint found 78% of Australians think working from home will become the new normal – with significant impacts on real estate.

Of the 1015 people surveyed in March, 76% said they would stay longer with their employer if they were offered more remote or flexible working options.

Demographer Mark McCrindle says these experiences could influence how people choose their next home with increasing preferences for flexible spaces, a potential rethink of shrinking dwelling sizes and growing reliance on shared spaces.

“The extent to which this working arrangement has lasted and will last means that it will be deeply entrenched in people’s psyches and therefore weigh on home-buying decisions,” said McCrindle.

There will be a swing towards home ownership over renting and detached homes over high rise apartments, he says. This benefits those regions that used to have the disadvantage of long commute times.