The latest Australian Demographic Statistics report by the ABS shows that Australia’s population at 30 September 2018 was 25.1 million, up 1.5% over the year.

Net overseas migration of 240,100 comprised 61% of the growth but was lower than the net migration of 259,400 in the previous year.

ABS demography director Anthony Grubb says 395,100 people were added to the population in the year to September 2018, compared to 407,000 the year before. “The growth rates varied across the states and territories,” he says. “Victoria continued to have the fastest growth.”

Victoria added 140,000 people, boosting its population to 6.5 million. The state’s net overseas migration was 84,827 and it had a net inflow of 13,985 from interstate movement. NSW grew 1.5% and reached 8 million people.

Chinese-born people are now the nation’s second-biggest migrant group, edging out New Zealanders. A surge in Chinese arrivals in recent years saw their number rise to 606,450 as of mid-2017, behind the English who number 997,830, according to the ABS report.