Demographic experts say we are due for a “migration tsunami”, which will lead to extremely high housing demand.

While immigration is stagnant, the return of the Aussie expat is compensating. Returning expats can now return home even sooner under the Federal Government’s expanding quarantine processing in Darwin, set to process around 1,000 expats a month. Over 480,000 Australians have already returned home in the past year, mostly due to the pandemic – and the Department of Foreign Affairs has revealed another 36,000 Australians have registered interest in coming home.

This is an unprecedented spike in returning expats. According to the ABS, the 2018-2019 financial year saw Australia’s population increase by 239,600 people due to net overseas migration. The amount of returning expats has already exceeded this. Experts predict millions of prospective future Aussies are ‘waiting in the wings’ to relocate here as soon as possible – seeking to flee countries that have escalating health or political risks.