Every capital city and every regional market recorded house price growth in November, according to the latest data from CoreLogic.

Nationally house prices rose 1.1% in November, led by a 1.4% in regional markets which continue to out- perform the capital cities. Apartment markets rose 0.2%, again headed by a 1.4% increase in the regions. Of the 15 major market jurisdictions in Australia (eight capital cities and seven regional markets), 13 have recorded house price growth in the past 12 months, the only exceptions being Melbourne and Regional WA. All markets except Brisbane have also recorded annual growth in the median apartment prices.

In November, house price growth was led by a 2.2% rise in Canberra, with Regional Tasmania up 1.8%, Hobart up 1.7% and Darwin rising 1.6%. The annual growth in house prices has been headed by Regional Tasmania (up 10.6%), Darwin (up 9.1%), Canberra (up 7.8%) and Regional NSW (up 7.4%). The growth in house prices has been greater in the regions in the past month, past quarter, the year to date and past 12 months.