Half of respondents to a recent survey believe recent lockdowns will push property prices higher, with 23% indicating that regional property in particular will be boosted. The survey by comparison website Canstar polled 1,024 Australians on their biggest financial stresses and investment opinions.

Asked about the biggest impact lockdowns will have on markets, 23% said a lack of stock will push prices up while another 23% said regional prices will rise as a result of work-from-home policies and the desire for less density. Only 11% predicted lockdowns will slow market activity.

Most said property is still the best investment, with 41% nominating houses as the best asset type and 10% opting for units. Only 18% of respondents said there are better investments than property, while 31% did not know.

The survey also polled respondents on their biggest financial worries, with 23% citing the rising cost-of- living. Rising property prices were the fourth biggest concern, nominated by 13% of respondents.