A new survey shows most Australians don’t understand the Federal Opposition’s real estate policy or how it could impact them.

The report by JWS Research says 66% of Australians – polled from all age groups, political persuasions, and socio-economic backgrounds – do not understand Labor’s proposed reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax, while 34% are aware and understand the policy at some level.

Further, 52% believe rents will go up and 74% believe there needs to be a review of the policy.

“We have always said that changes to negative gearing and CGT for housing are bad policy,” says Graham Wolfe, managing director of the Housing Industry Association. “This research confirms how unpopular these changes are across all political persuasions. Twice as many voters oppose these changes as support them.”

When Australians vote at the upcoming election in May, Wolfe says, most people are being asked to consider a key policy without properly understanding it or its impact.