Governments throughout Australia need to pay more attention to the needs of those living in high density housing, according to the Strata Community Association (SCA).

SCA (Qld) Senior-Vice President Chris Irons says the 2021 Census data reveals 10% of Australians live in an apartment.

He says this shows how important it is for strata housing to be at the forefront of policy making.

“A quick examination of the housing data from the 2021 Census indicates a tremendous trend towards higher density apartment living,” Irons says.

“In the 2016 Census, there were estimated to be just over 1.2 million occupied apartments across the country. That figure has exploded to approximately 1.7 million. That’s about 100,000 apartments being constructed on average every year.

“There needs to be recognition of this growing shift to shared housing. The days of the quarter-acre block with a yard being the norm are rapidly receding. Reforms are needed to help ensure we manage this shift correctly.”