Past performance can be a good indicator of the future trends in property prices.

Research carried out by the Property Investment Professionals of Australia reveals that each capital city has been a top performer at some stage over the last three decades. No two cities share the same property cycle and the trick is in knowing the right time to buy.

PIPA chairman Peter Koulizos says the research shows no capital city market is ever the nation’s top performer indefinitely. “The facts prove Aussie investors and homebuyers over the past three decades have made solid returns across almost every capital city, depending on their ability to buy at the right time,” he says.

From 1988–1992, Brisbane was the top performer, only to lose its mantle to Darwin in 1993–1997.

The pattern was repeated in 1998–2002 as property prices in Darwin fell and Melbourne took out the top ranking, only to be usurped by Perth in 2003–2007. In 2007, Sydney was the worst performing capital, a fortune that has since changed.

These patterns highlight why it can be beneficial to spread your investment portfolio nation-wide, rather than just within your home city or state.

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