Australians plan to spend on food, entertainment and holidays when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Results from surveys run by C|T Group, formerly Crosby Textor, show Australians plan to direct their money to spending time with family and friends after the pandemic. Asked what they intended to spend on, other than necessities, once the virus passed, 44% of surveyed Australians said they were going to visit restaurants and cafes. Forty-two per cent planned to book domestic holidays, 22% were looking at international holidays and 23% were going to spend on out-of-home entertainment such as cinema or theatre tickets.

C|T Group managing director of research and campaigns Catherine Douglas says it suggests that people want to spend more time together and get back to what matters rather than spend money on more extravagant experiences. People will holiday differently, looking for basics rather than experiences such as white water rafting, she said.