ANZ has relaxed the restraints it placed on interest-only mortgage lending in 2017 and has indicated it’s easing its attitude to lending to property investors.

The Big Four bank says it is once again offering customers an interest-only period of 10 years, up from the previous maximum of five years. It will now offer interest-only loans to customers will a deposit of only 10%, whereas previously it required 20%.

The changes suggest ANZ is trying to lift growth in the investor market after chief executive Shayne Elliott last month admitted the bank had been “over conservative”. It is also the latest sign of a loosening in restrictions on investor and interest-only loan growth after APRA removed caps on these types of mortgages late last year.

“On recent review, we have made a decision to increase our focus on the investor market,” ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott says. “The upcoming changes demonstrate our continued appetite in the investor market while ensuring we remain in line with our APRA requirements.”