Last week, Tim Guest was featured on Michael Puhle’s popular podcast – “WWO – Words With Oz.”

Together they discussed Wealth’s True Purpose, with Tim sharing some wisdom on how he ‘retired’ at such an early age and whether it was actual wealth he sought… or something more.

Tim’s specific essay question for the show was:

“Having started your first business at 19 and ‘retired’ a self-made multimillionaire at 27, it’s fair to say that many a success has been achieved along your journey. With all you have accomplished; Was it wealth that you truly sought? Why do you think most people act on the myth that success will bring happiness? And how do you advise people to decipher what truly matters?”

Throughout the podcast, they discussed the three attributes Tim learned at a young age that now frames the language he uses and the winning formula he applies to wealth creation.

Tim also speaks on his experiences of giving back, the simple inspirations in life as well as his dreams for creating Infinite Wealth.

It truly is a great episode.

If you would like to listen to it, here are the links below.

Tim Guest – WWO Podcast Episode 34 

Enjoy the show!

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