As we progress through our lives, we often wonder what life could have been if we didn’t have to work so hard for money. Maybe you’ve dreamt of travel, home ownership or early retirement, but as we enter adulthood the dreams we once had are put aside. We begin to realise that our desired lifestyle is not as easy to fund as we had thought.

Instead, they often require one or more of the following:

• Getting a full-time working career (generally one we don’t love)
• Continuing to work overtime for that possible promotion or a little bit of extra income
• Starting a business with hopes that it will become the next big thing
• Writing a book that we hope increases the size of our bank account
• Winning the lottery
• Or maybe even joining Eddie on the hot seat of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”

I’m sure a lot of us have considered the latter options. “Yes, Eddie please lock-in (A) – a free ticket to $1 Million Dollars.”


The reality is that most of us remain dreamers; fantasising about what could have been rather than taking action. Things are made worse by the fact that most of us are already time poor or exhausted, and don’t have the ability to reflect on the direction that our lives are heading in.

But, what if I was to tell you – There is another alternative!

What if you could get your money working for you, rather than you working for your money? At Infinite Wealth, this is our specialty.


Since starting in 2011, over 15,000 people have attended our wealth creation workshops. We have also designed and implemented over 2,000 personalised Strategic Wealth Plans for people, like you, wanting to reach their financial goals.

Now, we’d like to help you personally achieve yours.

Regardless of whether you are a single bachelor looking to invest in your first property, a couple wanting to travel the world, a family wanting to own their family home or somebody entering into retirement, there are various ways to get your money working better for you.

In April 2018, Infinite Wealth will be holding two more “Plan Your Way to Wealth” evening workshops. The first workshop will be held in Melbourne on the 10th of April and the second in Perth on the 11th of April.

These workshops will provide you with the tools and strategies needed to achieve financial freedom, including how to:

  • Live the life you really want
  • Know what the rich know and most of us don’t
  • Discover the keys to having money work for you
  • Stop making the most common mistakes with money
  • Find out the only thing in life that makes a difference
  • Grow a successful property investment portfolio
  • Reduce your income tax

For more detailed information about what you will learn from attending these evening workshops, please click on the following links:

Melbourne Evening Workshop – 6:30pm- 9:30pm
Perth Evening Workshop – 6:30pm – 9:30pm

We understand that investing your money can be a daunting process; taking deep thought, consideration, planning, dedication and of course, work. This is why we’re here – to help you through the process.

We ensure that your time and effort will bring you the greatest possible return to secure your future. Focus your time on the things that you truly love and live the life you deserve!

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