Whether you’re new to Infinite Wealth, an avid follower or an existing client, you may have heard us refer to a wealth creation tool called a “Planning & Strategy Session.”

Some of you may think the name speaks for itself – developing a plan and strategy, right? Others may scratch their heads thinking “Good one, what’s the catch?”

Well, the good news is, there’s no catch… Read on!

What is a Planning & Strategy Session?

Our Planning & Strategy Session is an extraordinary tool that allows you to see, in reality, how you are currently tracking financially and where you will end up if you continue doing what you are doing right now. Conversely, it will also demonstrate how great your wealth could be by making a few small changes and using only what you currently have available to you.

Our team of experts have access to sophisticated software, enabling them to walk you through reliable, affordable and tested strategies based on the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth.

Once these strategies are applied to your own numbers, you can then develop a clear plan and pathway to fulfilling your financial goals – whether they be homeownership, travel and lifestyle, or early retirement.

This strategy session will open your eyes up to your full financial potential and demonstrate the options that are available to you.

Below are 3 ways that a Planning & Strategy Session could transform your future.

By attending a one-hour Planning & Strategy Session valued at $295 (yours for free if you register now) you will:

  1. Get a clear idea of your current situation and how you’re tracking financially
  2. Find out what you need to start doing now to reach your financial goals
  3. Gain insight into investment opportunities and/or strategies that are best suited to your personal circumstances

Below are some examples of a number of everyday hardworking Australians, who have attended a Planning & Strategy Session with one of our Client Managers. Learn about their experiences and how we were able to change their financial futures for the better!

Case Study #1 – Married couple in their late 40’s

Where were they before the session?

When this couple came to us, they had two underperforming investment properties. Both loans were with the same bank and they were living from paycheque to paycheque with no freedom around their money.

If they made no changes to their current situation, they would have been on track to retire with $3.8 Million. However, this would have only lasted them for 14 years in retirement before being broke again.

Since meeting with Corey, one of Infinite Wealth’s Client Managers, they now have a different financial future.

Where are they now after the session? 

Within the Planning & Strategy Session, they were able to identify some significant opportunities in their current situation. From increasing overall security and protection to reducing the interest rates they were paying on their current loans.

After the Planning & Strategy Session they made the decision to come on as clients of Infinite Wealth.

Since then, we have strategically shuffled around some of their debt and have spread their properties across two different banks, to bring “Finance Firewalls” into action for added security and protection (Tim explains what Finance Firewalls are in our One Day Intensive Workshops).

We have also secured them lower interest rates and have changed all of their investment loans to Interest Only, giving them an extra $1,200 per month to put directly onto their mortgage significantly reducing their personal debt (the most expensive debt they have). This will enable them to pay off their mortgage in 14 years rather than 20 years plus.

We have also helped them to purchase two more investment properties and create an investment buffer using the current equity in their properties. The buffer will allow them to successfully hold onto their properties through the ups and downs of the property cycle.

By attending a Planning & Strategy Session they now have freedom & flexibility around their money and will no longer experience living paycheque to paycheque. These clients will instead be retiring with a $6.3 million net worth, that will last them more than 30 years in retirement.

Case Study 2 – Married couple in their mid 30’s.

Where were they before the session?

This couple came into their Planning & Strategy Session working very long hours whilst trying to pay off their mortgage. Despite regularly working overtime, they felt as though they were getting nowhere.

During their one on one session with Jay, one of our other incredible Client Managers, they realised that if they continued doing what they had been doing, they would be looking at a very grim retirement. Unfortunately, their current retirement fund would only last them 7 years into retirement. This meant that both of them would have needed to work into their 80’s, to have enough money to retire carefree.

Despite originally thinking that they had no money to invest, we were able to show them how they could purchase and afford an investment property, using nothing more than what they currently had available to them.

Where are they now after the session? 

A year on from the Planning & Strategy Session, they have purchased an investment property and with freedom and peace of mind of understanding what money they need and with significant buffer to allow for changes in their circumstances. Additionally, they now have the security to retire with 35 years of passive income.

Case Study 3 – Married couple in their mid 30’s with 1 child.

Where were they before the session?

This couple came into their Planning & Strategy Session having already paid down there mortgage and were looking at selling their current home to buy a bigger place, with a bigger mortgage.

They had not realised that this strategy would actually take them a step backwards from their financial goals, not being able to retire until their 70’s. They would also only have just enough to get by as their superannuation alone was not going to be enough to fund their retirement.

Due to their perceptions of there being a lot of conflicting information about property investing, they felt scared to take any action on their own. If they had not attended a Planning & Strategy Session, it is likely that they would have continued procrastinating; working hard and going backwards.

Where are they now after the session?

By attending a Planning & Strategy Session with Nick, one our leading Client Managers, they were shown a less complicated strategy to achieve their financial goals. This would, in turn, enable them to retire earlier than originally forecasted.

After the session, they had now found a company they felt they could trust and learned that our services weren’t going to cost them any more than what it would have costed to do it themselves. They’re now in the process of purchasing their first investment property and getting back on track to retiring by the age of 50. They’re nervous but excited to be back in the game and on track!

If you have read this far it’s likely that you are either unhappy with your current financial position and direction or you are ready to take control and work towards creating financial goals that you can realistically achieve.

Let us help you to lift your financial intelligence, so that you can better understand where your numbers are leading you and, in turn, take control over your money and plan your way to wealth.

Register right now for your FREE “Planning & Strategy Session”, valued at $295.