Fast Track
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Feel Empowered, Take Action , and Set Yourself Up For Life!

If you’re ready to dramatically change the course of your future, then our signature, five module online program, “Fast Track to Freedom” will prove to be the defining moment that sets you on your course to financial security, freedom and peace of mind.

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Fast Track to Freedom

$2,995per person
  • Learn how to implement Australia’s most successful investment strategy.
  • Start investing with no more than you currently have now.
  • Identify which investment options are best for you.
  • Protect yourself, your family and your wealth.
  • Time your investments to maximise your returns.
  • Structure your cash flow and implement an insider’s strategy.
  • Pay your mortgage off in half the time.
  • Reduce your tax to the minimum legally required.
  • Use the Chain Reaction to replace your income and live a happy and satisfied life.

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Make Your New Home, Your Best Investment Yet!

With over $60,000 in Government Assistance now available, there has never been a better time to buy a new home!

What Client’s Say About This Workshop…

We would never have taken action like this without Infinite Wealth. Never knew buying an investment property could be so stress-free and life-changing. Thank you!

Gausden Family
In an industry full of people trying to line their own pockets, I can’t tell you how grateful we are to have met Tim Guest and his team at Infinite Wealth.
Ben M.

We’ve had the best experience getting our first investment property and we’re continuing on the journey with the Infinite Wealth team!

Amanda C.

Infinite Wealth’s signature online program,
Fast Track to Freedom” is presented by Australia’s leading financial educator and Infinite Wealth Managing Director, Tim Guest.

Raised in a single income family in a poor area, Tim grew up and drew on his family’s financial struggles as his inspiration to build his own financial security and success.

Using reliable, affordable and tested strategies based on the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth, Tim will train you in the strategies used by more people in the AFR Rich List than any other, which he used to become a retired multi-millionaire by the age of 27.

In this fascinating and life-changing program, Tim will train you how to implement Australia’s most successful investment strategy and replace your income, pay your mortgage off in half the time and live a happy and satisfied life.

Using a unique methodology, leaving you empowered and in action, we will cover:

  • How to implement Australia’s most successful investment strategy.

  • How to start investing with no more than you currently have now… even with little or no money down.

  • How to identify which investment options are best for you and how to build the largest possible asset base with the least input.

  • How to protect yourself, your family and your wealth as well as build it.

  • How to understand the economic cycles and property clocks, and time your investments to maximise your returns.

  • How to structure your cash flow and implement an insider’s strategy to pay your mortgage off in half the time.

  • How to take advantage of Australia’s taxation and corporation system and reduce your tax to the minimum legally required.

  • How to use The Chain Reaction to replace your income and live a happy and satisfied life.

While most clients enjoy the comfort, and ease their partnership with Infinite Wealth and our team of specialists provide, after completing the “Fast Track to Freedom signature workshop you will have the skills and knowledge to move forward and create the life you really want on your own and without ever requiring further services from us, if you so desire.


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What’s Covered In The Workshop?

We go in deep with Australia’s most successful investment strategy and how you can implement it.

You’ll learn investment strategies that only require what you have available to you right now.

How to protect yourself, your family, and your wealth while you continue to build and grow.

How to build a large diversified asset base with the least amount of input (cost & labour).

How to identify which are the best investment options for you and avoid mistakes common in a crowded marketplace.

How to structure your cash flow and utilise little known strategies for paying off your mortgage decades faster.

How to minimise your tax and reduce your personal risk using the Australian taxation and corporation system.

How to replace your income using a Chain Reaction investment model and fast track yourself to freedom.

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Some of the Results Our Incredible Clients Have Achieved…

Sam Hadden

Built a solid foundation for his future wealth.

Shirley Barton
Now owns four(4) investment properties.

Vipul Mehta
Found a company he could trust for finding profitable investments.

Lars Huttner

Now owns an investment property in Helena Valley

Quentin Combe

Now owns two investment properties.

Lisa Christou & David Prout

Now own 3 investment properties.

Save $1,000 Now
Use Code SAVE1000

Still Need More Proof?

Thomas Bailey Avatar
Thomas Bailey
- Google

Infinite Wealth have been really good to work with. Feyne my client manager is outstanding and always works quickly to answer any questions or solve any problems.

Victor Mesquita Avatar
Victor Mesquita
- Google

Great work ethics on assisting us building an investment property interstate. The advice was absolutely spot on, and the process streamlined by the team. Highly recommended.

Angel and Grace Ignacio Avatar
Angel and Grace Ignacio
- Google

We were so thrilled to finally able to rent out our very 1st investment with Infinite Wealth. We were supposed to start last year but Nick Hayes was very supportive and waited on us patiently until we told him we were ready to resume our interest in buying a property this year. We purchased our first investment property in Qld, Feb 2020, it was handed over to us mid October 2020 and rented out before end of that same month! Even if we are not able to visit or see it in person due to Covid-19, the journey was smooth and the team was very supportive. We are now looking forward to our next investment. Thank you Infinite Wealth. Thank you Nick for helping us achieve our goals.

Kate Withers Avatar
Kate Withers
- Google

Incredible customer service and knowledge. I m currently purchasing my first investment property and Nick Hayes has made the journey incredibly easy and stress free. He is ALWAYS available to call and responds to emails very quickly. You will always feel like you’re the only client with Infinite Wealth although I am sure they have tonnes of clients. Nick is incredibly knowledgeable in the property market and give first hand, practical advice.I look forward to continuing my financial journey with Nick and the Team. Thanks a million 😁

Kate Withers Avatar
Kate Withers
- Google

Incredible customer service and knowledge. I m currently purchasing my first investment property and Nick Hayes has made the journey incredibly easy and stress free. He is ALWAYS available to call and responds to emails very quickly. You will always feel like you’re the only client with Infinite Wealth although I am sure they have tonnes of clients. Nick is incredibly knowledgeable in the property market and give first hand, practical advice.

I look forward to continuing my financial journey with Nick and the Team. Thanks a million 😁

Michael Craven Avatar
Michael Craven
- Google

The Infinite Wealth team have been very supportive and informative throughout the whole process of my journey. Thank you to the team. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

Ciarán O’Hanlon Avatar
Ciarán O’Hanlon
- Google

Our experience with Infinite Wealth has been fantastic, the goal is to be financially free and with their expertise and guidance, our journey is well under way to achieve that. Nick Hayes has been absolutely brilliant from day one, always available and he came up with the answers every time, it’s made the whole process stress free dealing with such a pro. Cailin has also been amazing throughout, there has been a lot of administrative items that were new to us and with her eye for detail she made sure we were up to date and didn’t have any delays.

Stefano Utomo Avatar
Stefano Utomo
- Google

Great Professional service and open. They helped me to set my future.

Joanna Whitehead Avatar
Joanna Whitehead
- Google

Great team who make your wealth journey stress free ! The education along with the long term planning/forecast has just blown me away. I would highly recommend anybody who wants to take a hold of their future and see what their hard work can do for them to give Infinite Wealth a call, it will definitely pay off!

Dalton c Avatar
Dalton c
- Google

Working with the infinite wealth team has been really easy work. They constantly ran the process from start to finish which being new in the property market was a great support. Would recommended anyone new to property investing have a chat and see how Infinite Wealth can help.

Adir Erulkar Avatar
Adir Erulkar
- Google

The business provides outstanding services in a complex market of finance, investing, tax, property management and the like. I cannot fault the team or business in the services they provide in any way. They are in no way pushy to try and make you do or buy something, they are extremely helpful, honest and trustworthy. You can tell by just dealing with them that the foundation the business is built on is based on helping the everyday Australian succeed financially and that their goal as a business is clear. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for help navigate the complex world of investing and setting themselves up for an early retirement and financially free future.

anders jakobsen Avatar
anders jakobsen
- Google

Infinite wealth has helped me secure a 2nd investment property. A busy business owner and farther like myself struggle to allocate much time to investing and securing my family financially for the future. But with the help from infinite wealth the future is looking positive and my family is on course to a financially secure future. The team is professional, responsive and very helpful at answering any questions. I have not regretted trusting them fully with mine and my family's savings and financial future. Thank you!

Abi Subramanian Avatar
Abi Subramanian
- Google

I am very happy so far. Each time I talk to my client manager I learn a little bit more. Thank you.

Mozhdeh Tahghighi Avatar
Mozhdeh Tahghighi
- Google

Trustworthy and reliable team. A especial thank to Nick Hayes for being extraordinary in explaining the processes and his support throughout the journey. I recommend them to my family and friends.

Gemma Boys Avatar
Gemma Boys
- Google

My partner and I attended an Infinite Wealth workshop with Tim many years ago and knew that we loved what was being said, but didn't feel we were in the right position to proceed as we were still in quite a new relationship.Quite a few years passed but we still kept Infinite in the back of our minds and finally in 2019 we decided it was time for action! Not only are the Infinite Team ready to advise where they can, but they have also assisted us with purchasing a rental property in Queensland, the finance for our new family home and the rental of our existing home.I can't commend the staff enough on how knowledgeable, friendly and helpful they are through a range of topics and highly recommend attending, at the very least, one of their free seminars! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.Thanks again guys, looking forward to continuing to work together!

Priyashna Sharma Avatar
Priyashna Sharma
- Google

Thanks to a great team of professionals who are passionate and genuine in what they say and do. We had stumbled upon a free seminar nearly 2 years ago, and were blown away with opportunities within reach! Like most people, we were skeptical, however once we met the Team, there was no turning back. Nick has been by far the best client Manager we could have asked for. He has been great at explaining the process of property investment (fact based), is very passionate about what he does, always available when needed, and most importantly made the entire process of property investing easy and less stressful. The entire team is very knowledgeable and customer care and experience is foremast for them! Really grateful for all the hard work and heavy lifting the team has done behind the scenes to help us achieve our goals.

Danielle Smith Avatar
Danielle Smith
- Google

Thanks to the team at infinite wealth! The seminars are so informative that I didn't think twice in signing up. I learnt alot in the seminar with Tim Guest and realized I still have a lot more to learn. My client manager Feyne Johnson has been nothing but professional. Quick and efficient in communication.Fantastic company, would recommend

Francesca Azzato Avatar
Francesca Azzato
- Google

Overall I was extremely happy with the infinite wealth process. My client manager Nick Hayes was fantastic. Nick was great at explaining the process of investing in property and was extremely helpful in providing me with a plan for my retirement. During the investment process Nick was always available when required, was extremely helpful in answering questions, responded to all my emails in a timely fashion and was very good at calming the nerves. He made the entire process of purchasing an investment property easy and a great experience. I am extremely grateful to Nick and the infinite wealth team for providing me with a sound retirement plan that does not solely rely on superannuation. I would not hesitate to recommend infinite wealth to my friends and family if they were looking to invest in property.

Louise Syphers Avatar
Louise Syphers
- Google

thanks Nick and Team we got to buy an investment property we thought was never possible :-)

David M. Avatar
David M.
- Google

I attended one of Tim's all day seminars and can honestly say it was a very worthwhile investment. I walked away with an abundance of information and a new perspective on how to build financial wealth. One thing that rang out loud and clear was Tim's authenticity and genuine desire to help people

Charles Sweeney Avatar
Charles Sweeney
- Google

They are very professional and make the process very streamline, very worthwhile especially if your time poor yourself. They really value there reputation so customer care is at the top of there agenda.

Haydn Gibson Avatar
Haydn Gibson
- Google

I'm 25 and all I know about investing has come from mum. Although she has taught me a lot, attending the seminar with Tim Guest has made me realise how much more I could learn and, with the guidance of the Infinite Wealth team, how attainable and close retirement actually is.Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Absolute life changer!

Mark Dorizzi Avatar
Mark Dorizzi
- Google

I have had a wonderful experience with Infinite Wealth Perth. From getting to know Tim and learning how money can work for me, to being guided through the investment process with Jay and the team, every step has been exciting and rewarding. I now own an ivestment property that is doing very well, the team at Infinite Real Estate are suportive and take all of the stress out of being a land lord. I really appreciate everything that Infinite Wealth has done for me. I highly reccomend this service to anyone who is looking to create a better future for themselves.

Lauren McBrier Avatar
Lauren McBrier
- Google

I attended one of the free seminars that infinite Wealth host and then went on to do there one day intensive seminar after. Tim is a great speaker and gets everyone interacting. The Seminar was a huge eye opener for me it was actually quite scary how little I new about it all until I went to the seminar. I learnt a lot of things about investing and planning for retirement. Tim made some very good points and I left feeling very motivated.The Team at Infinite Wealth were all very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. If financial freedom is what you want then I would definitely be attend one of these workshops.

Benjamin Venables Avatar
Benjamin Venables
- Google

Whilst I have not yet attained an investment property being relatively new to the scene, I have been to IW information nights and have been lucky enough to talk to Tim at other educational seminars. For now I watch and listen to the tutorials, q&a's and streams, and find them incredibly accessible. Having very little knowledge of the real estate environment myself, and often being overwhelmed with information without knowing what is accurate or not, i find Tim's presentations to be rather like a hot knife of facts cutting through a butter block of misinformation. I know from personal experience that the Tim who stands in front of a crowd, an arena, a tv camera or a single person, is always going to be exactly the same. Open, and honest. His ethic and high standard demand it. And seeing as no doubt his team have the same high standards and ethics towards helping others improve the quality of their lives, and the clarity that I have gained from Tim's insights, I am much more confident in moving towards my wealth creation goals. So I'll just thank you guys in advance 👍 as the possibilities are endless. Cheers~

Monique Camier Avatar
Monique Camier
- Google

I had the opportunity to participate in a game-changing seminar on the weekend, hosted by the exceptional team at Infinite Wealth and its well-known creator, Tim Guest. If you are interested in putting your money where it works the hardest for you and are ready to invest in your financial freedom, get in touch and ask for Benn (the client manager who knows is stuff)!

Your Social Voice Avatar
Your Social Voice
- Google

I went along to the teams one day event and it was amazing, there was a huge eye opener for what we really need to focus on for our future, and my partner are excited to take the next steps with the crew at Infinite Wealth. Corey our client manager has been super helpful also!

Elise Brotman Avatar
Elise Brotman
- Google

Tim is an incredibly engaging speaker who focuses on educating his listeners using easy to understand and relatable examples. There is no doubt that he and his entire team genuinely care and wholeheartedly want to help their clients gain independent wealth so they can live the lives they deserve to live. I’ve been to these ‘types’ of events before and felt like a fish in a barrel - ready to be shot by ‘fast-money’ schemes and sleazy sales pitches. Infinite Wealth couldn’t be any further from this! Tim and his team have created a comfortable platform for their customers to get their feet wet in the very confusing world of finance. So if you’re on the fence - just know there is nothing to lose and so much to gain. Well done Infinite Wealth! Highly recommend!

Jaime Sciberras Avatar
Jaime Sciberras
- Google

Our experience at Infinite Wealth has been life changing.Nick is passionate about what he does, and throughout our whole experience so far, he has helped us to move forward. Without his help we would have not had the courage, expertise or time to do it on our own. We have complete trust in these guys and highly recommend there services.A huge thanks to Infinite Wealth for looking after our future. :-)

Juli Evans Avatar
Juli Evans
- Google

Having enjoyed a couple of Tim Guest's presentations in Sydney & Melbourne, I was keen to finally see a proper Infinite Wealth Free Evening Workshop in 2018, and I was delighted & enlightened once again! Tim's ablity to casually & profoundly connect with attendees while both scaring us & giving us hope in the same moment makes this evening event well worth your time.

Gausden Family Avatar
Gausden Family
- Google

5 stars all the way, we would never have taken action like this without IW. Never knew buying a house could so stress free. Thanks guys. Here's to the future.

Amanda Choe Avatar
Amanda Choe
- Google

My husband and I have been thrilled with Infinite Wealth from day one at the Intensive Workshop to all the one-on-one meetings with our Client Manger, Nick Hayes and the rest of the team.Nick always makes time to see or speak to us and he's always very accommodating to our schedules.We highly recommend these guys to anyone who is interested in starting out with an investment property. IW guided us through the whole process and answered any/all questions we had, plus more.We've had the best experience getting our first investment property and we're continuing on the journey with the Infinite Wealth team!

Daniella Acciarito Avatar
Daniella Acciarito
- Google

Thanks to the knowledge of IW, Tim and the team we're well on our way to financial freedom. We can't thank them enough for their professionalism, friendliness and willingness to help us achieve our goals. Could not have done it ourselves! Big shout out to Jay for his ongoing support and patience.

Ross Wallman Avatar
Ross Wallman
- Google

Great crew that set me up around 5 years ago. They take care of all the heavy lifting and allow me to go on with my life whilst the investments take care of themselves! Tax time really highlights the benefit of it all, and my returns result in a very big hug I give to Tim! Highly recommend.

ethan washer Avatar
ethan washer
- Google

My time with infinite wealth has been an unforgettable amazing experience , iv just built my first house with the assistance of Corey Jones and his Personal Assistant Tahlia Cavanagh , they have been there for me every step of the way i honestly don’t think I could have made this life changing move without them i can never thank them enough for all of there help and I only wish I had of found them sooner , I highly recommend to anyone that is serious about getting themself’s financial set up to contact the team at infinite wealth

Jason Dean Avatar
Jason Dean
- Google

The first Infinite Wealth seminar with Tim Guest really opened our eyes. My partner and I signed up that night for the one day intensive and we haven't looked back.We had been trying to sell our investment property for the last year all the while having no tenants meaning we were not receiving rent. This was really hurting our budget.Since meeting our Client Manager Benn at Infinite Wealth Perth, we are renting out the property, receiving income and using the equity to build a 2nd investment property.We have also setup a Self Managed Super Fund and are purchasing our 3rd property through this.We would never have believed this possible only a short 4 months ago.We would personally like to thank Benn and his assistant Kara in the Perth branch for making everything move so smoothly and for the flexible hours you work to accommodate our busy schedule.Benn explains the strategy so clearly we know exactly what is going on and it has made what was initially a daunting transition, to us now being excited about our financial future.We couldn't be happier!

Craig Thompson Avatar
Craig Thompson
- Google

Im 50 years old. Worked hard all my lifeAnd like so many others have very little to show for it.Then i met my client manager Fayne Johnson ( Legend)I attended a seminar with Tim GuestsAnd what i thought i knew about money went out the window.6 months later my first Investment property is being built .What Tim and the Team have created is going to change the lives of so many people..Thank you for having me as a client. You have changed my life

Ben Morris Avatar
Ben Morris
- Google

In an industry full of people trying to line their own pockets, I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have met Tim Guest and his incredible team. It's refreshing to meet people who actually do exactly what they say they are going to do and who are honest, ethical and prepared to do whatever it takes to help us achieve our financial goals. Our future definitely looks bright.. and we have got you guys to thank for that! I cannot recommend you enough! Thank you!

Tim Eccles Avatar
Tim Eccles
- Google

When I first began my journey with Infinite Wealth, I knew very little about property investment but knew that it was something I should be considering for the long term financial benefits. Knowing that I was quite new to all of this, the team at Infinite took the time and patience to share with me their knowledge, experience and passion for property investment, answering my every question without undervaluing or hesitation, no matter how simple or complex the questions may have been. This understanding has been the basis of the trust that has been built up between Infinite and myself, which I believe is essential when dealing with investments.I'd definitely recommend Infinite Wealth to anyone who is looking at investing but doesn't know quite where to start.

Jim Beam Avatar
Jim Beam
- Google

Infinity Wealth have helped me and my family set up for hour future.They have been there the hole way helping use set up the property investment we have today. The team at Infinity are very hands on and will be there for you at envy time you may need them.I would recommend them to all.Book in to one of there work shops and see how they can change your life for the good.Kind regardsRoss T.

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