Shirley Barton

Approaching 50, Shirley and her husband realised that they needed to start planning for their retirement. Attending Tim’s seminar provided the perfect practical guide on how to get ahead financially. Infinite Wealth showed them they were in a good financial situation to invest. Great customer service, openness, and honesty from their client manager made the whole process a breeze.

Sam Hadden

Having a successful job early in life allowed Sam to buy his first house at the age of 19. He was happy to live in it but also wanted to start investing for the future. He met Tim at an educational program and was inspired to create an investment plan and build his wealth.

Vipul Mehta

Vipul had previously invested on his own, but was looking at making additional property investments. He wanted to be guided with relevant information and pointed in the right direction. After hearing about Infinite Wealth on the radio, he attended a seminar and found them a trustworthy business that he could work with.

Lars Huttner

Lars originally invested with an investment company in Queensland, having already owned an investment property. Unfortunately, due to lack of education and guidance from the business, he was forced to sell the property. Finding Infinite Wealth has given him the confidence and most importantly the educational backing to invest in property again. Lars and his family now own a 3×2 property in Helena Valley. The Infinite Wealth team were there every step of the way, from providing educational advice to organising the finance

Quentin Coombe

Quentin felt he wasn’t getting anywhere with his money and didn’t know enough about property investment to get started. After attending the Infinite Wealth investment seminar, Tim’s down to Earth approach made him feel more confident in investing in property. As a FIFO worker and working away, he was very happy with the fact that everything was handled for him. The excellent customer service from the Infinite Wealth team made it a very positive experience.

Lisa Christou & David Prout

Lisa and David both wanted to start investing in property, although having no previous experience they were unsure of where to start. After hearing about Infinite Wealth on the radio, they attended one of Tim Guest’s investment seminars and were given a realistic reality check to plan for the future.They both wanted to feel comfortable and not under any financial strain. Infinite Wealth provided this from the start with consistent support and communication from their client manager.

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