As people are continually lured to the seemingly infallible-world of property development it is worth asking yourself the question – Is there a better way to make the most out of my money?


Thousands of Australian’s partake in property development courses every year in the hopes of becoming their neighbourhood’s next property baron. Many fail to get further than this stage, especially in the current market with high-lending rates and increased overseas interest in local property proving to be major hurdles to entering the fray.


Those that do proceed with the next stage of property development are often faced with the prospect of several years of negative returns, are unable to sustain this drain on their income and often have to sell the asset, sometimes at a loss. When coupling this with the often exorbitant fees to enter into property development training there is a significant risk factor.


Approach Financials Holistically


Whereas property development courses present a very narrow view into your financial situation – educating you on a singular aspect of the financial world, wealth planning courses take an overarching view of your finance and help you to make the most of your current assets. While it is true the wealth planning often places an importance on property investment it also looks at other aspects of your finances to ensure that any plans or investments are sustainable and responsible.


A great benefit of wealth planning courses is that they educate you on how to build a diversified portfolio of investment. A diversified financial strategy with mixed investments such as stock and bonds, property and cash investments is much more financially stable as all your money is not committed to a single investment. It also affords much greater flexibility to adapt to market changes.


Of course investment is not the only topic covered in a wealth planning course. They also have the added benefit of showing you where in your finances you are losing or unnecessary spending money. These funds are then able to be reappropriated into other avenues that bring in a positive return on investment; something that is not typically a feature of property investment course.


Create and sustain


An education in wealth planning represents an understanding in sound financial principles, of how people create, and sustain wealth. Whilst property development training will go through the practicalities of buying an investment property such as how to construct an investment that is positively geared. A wealth planning course will alter your fundamental understanding of finance, providing you with the knowledge to make financial, and indeed life decisions, that will maximise the value of every dollar that you earn and create of lifestyle of financial freedom.


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