More than 220,000 dwellings were started in Australia last year, a record number. Victoria led the nation on residential building activity, with nearly 70,000 dwellings started in 2015, according to the Housing Scorecard report by the Housing Industry Association.


The tally is consistent with the latest demographic statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which show Victoria posted the strongest population growth of 1.9% for last year.


NSW was edged into second place for housing starts, which is in line with that state showing the second-highest population growth at 1.4%.


“Victoria and NSW have seen the strongest rates of population growth and the population influx has increased demand for housing,” says HIA economist Geordan Murray. “The residential building sector in these two states is responding accordingly.”


Across the country, more than 220,000 dwellings were started during 2015, a record amount.


“There were significant divergences in conditions for residential building around the country,” Murray says. “The eastern seaboard states have been the strongest performers, the mining states are sliding down the order, while South Australia and Tasmania are facing the most challenging conditions.”