SETTING goals is easy; putting them into practice is where most of us grind to a halt. But what if you didn’t just set them but could smash through them in a mere 90 days?

It is all within everyone’s reach, according to self-made Queensland millionaire Rowdy McLean, whose new book, Play a Bigger Game, is a guide to achieving, doing, being and having more.

“We all want more. More money, more love, more time, more chocolate, more clothes, more of something. What we struggle with is how to go and get it,” says Rowdy, who started his career in communications at 24 and retired just 10 years later.

“We make shallow promises to ourselves and to others about what we are going to do and then fail to follow through. Then we fall into a rut, we feel like we are not going anywhere or making and progress or even worse, going backwards. Another year passes and it seems like the same old thing going around again.”
That can change in 90 days, says Rowdy. “Ninety days is enough time to show some results but not too far off to get lost in the daily grin,” he says. “You can do it four times a year. And if you complete four significant changes in your life every year you can’t help but start to live the lifestyle you have always imagined.”

Here are Rowdy’s six steps to smashing through your goals:

1. Decide and Commit
Choose one thing and just one thing only. In a busy world it’s hard to do everything on the to-do list and important things get lost or left by the wayside. So just choose one thing. Lose five kilos, save $500, get a promotion or improve a relationship. Whatever it is, decide and commit to just it for 90 days.

2. Be clear
Describe the result that you want as clearly as possible. The more detailed the picture of what you want to achieve the more likely it will become real. What your mind can picture, your hands can create. Poor picture equals poor result.

3. Be real
If it’s not important it won’t get done so come up with three clear reasons why you simply must achieve this goal. The reasons have to be strong and well founded because they will keep you going when the going gets tough and you go off track. They’ll get you back on track by reminding you that you simply must get this done. There is no other option.

4. Be active
Create an action plan. What are the key things that need to be done in the next 90 days? Three good solid actions is a good number each with clear deadlines or milestones. This allows you to break the bigger goal down into smaller key steps and measure the progress. If you miss a deadline or milestone, review and refine and reset.

5. Be humble

Don’t underestimate the obstacles you may come up against, or the support that can help you overcome them. And don’t reinvent the wheel; every goal you want to smash has probably set and smashed by someone else. Do your research, find out what works best and ask for help if you need it. There are few things worse than stumbling blindly in pursuit of a goal that you don’t understand, so consider finding a mentor who can help light the way. Also, define the obstacles that might get in the way such as lack of time, resources, motivation or help and plan for these. It will mean, when you hit the speed bump you can just re-adjust and keep pushing forward.

6. Be bold

Execute each of the actions, meet the deadlines and milestones and you will succeed. Then start all over again with another goal and another 90 days.

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