Sales activity has grown in most capital cities in the past 12 months, according to a new report.


The property market update from onthehouse noted that Melbourne saw the highest sales growth in houses, while Adelaide’s unit market had recorded the country’s strongest results.


Melbourne’s housing market increased sales 15.3% to 51,015 in the year ending August 2015, while the city’s unit sales rose 12.6% to 39,706 over the same period.


Hobart recorded the second-highest growth in house sales activity with an increase of 10.7% to 2,198, but unit sales numbers fell 3.7% to 671.


In Brisbane, house sales rose 4.8% to 39,774 and unit sales rose 10.3% to 19,318. Adelaide’s house sales increased 4.5% to 19,203, while unit sales rose 12.% to 5,163.


As further evidence of the gradual fade in Sydney’s boom, house sales fell 2% to 46,748 and unit sales dropped 3.2% 45,242