The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Housing Occupancy and Costs release reveals there is little change in the proportion of us who own residential real estate.

The proportion who own their homes has remained at 67%, the same as the previous survey two years ago and slightly down on the 69% in the survey four years ago.

The percentage of renters also was steady over the past two years at 31%. However, the ABS fine print shows 17% of landlords are themselves renting.

This confirms the findings in the NAB quarterly residential property surveys estimates that 10% of all housing sales are to first-time buyers acting as investors. These are young Australians who continue to rent in their location of choice and buy an investment property as their first purchase.

The ABS count is that 17% of the 1.9 million landlords are people who rent their primary place of residence, which means another 3.5 percentage points should be added to the total number of residence owners – 70.5%.