Would you go to a party that promised no booze, no music and no fun? Of course you wouldn’t. Just thinking about a party like that would you bring you down. Well, the same rules apply to making money and living the life you want. Just ask Gary Douglas, an American author, psychologist and motivational speaker who is determined to help people attract the money and success they want in life.


“Every time I enjoyed what I did I made more money. Seriously. It might sound simplistic to you but it works. And it works because I changed how I thought about my life and what money means, “Mr Douglas said.

This ‘revelation’ came to Douglas after spending several months constantly berating his lifestyle.

“I was unhappy with my partner and everything felt hard. I was also thinking I’m sick and tired of everything and that’s exactly what I was creating, a life that made me sick and tired,” he said.

Douglas’s new path wasn’t quick. He ended up divorced and in debt but told news.com.au his plan helped him find his feet – and success.

“Make yourself a priority and be clear about what you want. Then ask the universe for these things – and be specific. You will be amazed at what will change for you,” he said.

Gary Douglas’s five steps to attracting money, in his own words.

1. Change how you talk about money. If you constantly say, ‘I never have enough money’ or ‘getting money is too hard’, it will continue to be. You need to create a new energy around money.

2. Ask for what you want. Don’t just ask for money. Money won’t bring you anything. Ask what you want the money for and be specific. Money will give you more choices and freedom

3. Look at your POV. Before you accumulate anything, ask yourself: will this get me more money or see me closer to my goal? If it does, follow through, if it doesn’t – forget about it.

4. Always look to your future. Money is not just for ‘getting by’. If you think that way you’ll never have any. Commit to saving 10 per cent of any income you get and this will help you build a base of savings.

5. Don’t stop. Keep re-evaluating. I am 71 years old, work 12 hours a day, 28 days of every month and I have a great life. Keep your attitude in check and be grateful.

Source: News.com.au