Infinite Wealth was proud to recently sponsor veterinarian and our very own Client Manager Dr. Louisa Fenny as she travels to Borneo to assist new foundation, Vets for Orang-utans.

She’s joined by photographer Courtney McAllister and journalist Liam Cavanagh – dubbed the Jungle Crusaders – to assist in documenting and raising awareness for the endangered species. 

Having departed on 29th April, Louisa is now based at the Centre for Orang-utan Protection near Balikpapan on the west coast of Borneo, helping to provide free veterinary care and educate other Indonesian- based vets.

The orang-utan’s rainforest habitat in Borneo and Sumatra has been severely threatened by deforestation and the palm oil trade. Palm oil, which is used to cheaply manufacture food and cosmetics, often results in illegal or poorly regulated clearing of rainforests – leaving the orang-utans homeless.  Orang-utan populations are dwindling in the thousands each year, as more and more rainforest is cleared. Without action, this means that orang-utans could be completely wiped out within a few years.

To learn more about Louisa’s efforts with Vets for Orang-utans, head to the Jungle Crusaders website: