The number of people with a job rose by 253,800 over the year to August, according to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The figures show professional, scientific & technical services accounted for 39% of the rise in employment over the year, with a rise of 100,000 – despite employing only 8% of workers as the year began.

That sector includes scientific research, legal and accounting services, advertising, management consulting, architecture and engineering, although the bureau doesn’t provide enough detail to show exactly where the jobs are being generated. But with NSW boasting half the nation’s jobs growth over the year, it’s reasonable to suppose it has something to do with the state’s booming housing market.

Healthcare & social assistance, making up only 12% of the workforce, added 87,600 workers, contributing 34% of the increase. And accommodation & food services, added 39,000 workers.

Jobs Growth