After watching the amazing athletes across many disciplines in the Olympics I’m inspired to push myself to the edge of my limits!  So in the spirit of the Olympics I have signed up to the City to Surf fun run with a target of raising $20,000 to go towards Youth Focus.


This is a cause I feel very passionate about. All young people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential in life, and organisations like Youth Focus are helping facilitate that. So please support me in my run – every little bit counts and all donations big or small are greatly appreciated:


A bit more about Youth Focus
Support for mental health issues has often been an uphill battle for not for profit organisations, especially focusing on young people.  However the recent success of a number of high profile mental health campaigns and numerous public figures sharing their battles with depression in particular has lifted some of the stigma attached to the issue.


In Western Australia the numbers are alarming, with research indicating that around 1 in 4 young people will have had a depressive disorder by the end of their adolescence and on average a young person commits suicide almost every week.


Established in 1994 Youth Focus is one of the most successful mental health focused not for profit organisations in Western Australia. With an annual turnover in 2010 in excess of $4 million, Youth Focus has provided counselling to around 1,100 young people and more than 200 families.