Self learning via the internet and reading investment books is valuable, but is this type of education enough to kick-start your wealth creation journey? With free Infinite Wealth investment workshops now offered in Melbourne and Perth we examine the advantages of in-person learning and how this can have a dramatic affect on the way you manage your finances.


So why is it worth turning up?


Hear From An Expert

Often online courses are created by experts and use their name, but end up being taught and moderated by novices. The same goes with articles, blogs and online guides that are written by people who are in the earlier stages of learning about the investment process. This is why it’s important to evaluate the source when deciding whether the information you read is valuable and applicable to your circumstances. Is the author where you want to be or are they just starting out?


For this reason we are proud to have Tim Guest at the helm of Infinite Wealth. A self-made multi-millionaire, he has a proven strategy to share that can help anyone achieve financial freedom. Having also spent years researching neuroscience and the development of human potential he is able to provide expert advice beyond the breadth of his personal journey.


Ask Questions

Paul Sloane, founder of Destination Innovation and author of 17 books, says that asking questions is the “single most important habit for innovative thinkers.” Having an in person opportunity to ask questions helps you further your learning by solidifying your understanding of important concepts and allowing you to further pick the brain of the expert on topics that interest you.


The outcome is a more personalised experience where the information becomes tailored to your needs, helping to advance your learning.


Your Attention Is Focussed

When you are learning at home there is the potential for distractions, whether they be from your partner, kids, the internet, TV and other sources of entertainment. It’s also easy to get side-tracked if you don’t know exactly what you need to research, and where to start in terms of investment and financial planning.


In a workshop setting you have already allocated the time to learning, and have banished the other distractions that can eat at your time and focus. With a competent and experienced speaker your attention should be held for maximum engagement, which results in the best kind of learning (and retention of what you’ve learned).


Meet Likeminded People

Successful people show up. These are the people you want to surround yourself with as they are interested in both self-improvement and working towards their goals. Every time you meet people (even if it’s just by sitting next to someone) you have an opportunity to network. In this way you can make invaluable connections and learn from other’s experiences in an informal setting. Being surrounded by others can also help to keep you focussed, and someone might ask a question which gets an answer that forms a ‘light bulb moment’ for you.



Reading free online material or well-written books no doubt adds to your knowledge; however it is important to use these tools as a supplement to real life, in person learning. Hearing from a successful expert, asking questions, focussing your attention and being surrounded by determined people will enhance your learning, therefore accelerating your journey to financial freedom.


Want to live the life you really want? The team at Infinite Wealth can provide the education, direction and on-going support you need to reach your financial goals. Get in touch with us today on 08 9438 6333 or click here to contact us.


The information provided is of a general nature and is not intended to be constituted as financial advice. We recommend that you seek independent advice from qualified professionals before employing any strategies outlined.