In the spirit of Christmas Infinite Wealth are behind another great cause and are spreading the message of giving on Facebook.
This year Infinite Wealth have pledged $12,000 to Princess Margaret Hospital for Children if they reach 12,000 likers on Facebook in 12 days.

Christmas is not just a time for getting but also a time for giving, and Infinite Wealth want to spread this message globally through Facebook. Infinite Wealth has seen the success of raising money for a charity in the past, when Infinite Wealth Managing Director Tim Guest participated in the Perth City to Surf Fun Run raising a grand total of $28,895 – the highest amount ever donated to the charity!

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children is a part of the Child and Adolescent Health Service, and is a vital paediatric facility in WA with approximately 250,000 patient visits each year. PMH must keep up to date on all medical and technological advances but the fast advancements of technology mean it’s a never-ending task to replace and modernise equipment. It is particularly expensive to stay ahead in the treatment of infants, children and adolescents, and donations are a vital part in maintaining the highest level of care for patients. Donations to PMH has currently funded close to a quarter of all equipment used by the hospital and are also ensuring PMH has the necessary funding for important medical research and specialist staff to be leaders in the medical industry.

So get involved in the spirit of giving this Christmas! Just click here and make sure you “like” the page, then spread the message of giving and share it with all your friends.