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“What Makes Us Different?”

Money is the single largest constraint that most people will experience in their lives. A person’s ability to either generate income or manage their finances can have a wide-ranging impact on their life, including their relationships, health, fulfillment, and length of life.

That being the case, building your wealth and making money can be a very attractive offer and one that appropriately comes with a healthy side of scepticism.

We operate in a very cluttered marketplace with many people promising many things. This uncertainty of “who to trust” is the biggest barrier for most starting your journey.

So how are we different from other “investment guru’s” or financial services and investment companies trying to get their hands on your money?

The Right Knowledge

The strategies we teach are long-term, affordable (low cost), reliable (high success rate) and tested (proven) strategies which have been developed over centuries. For the past 50 years, these strategies are the most commonly used strategies by the wealthy and based on the success and analysis from the AFR Rich List.

The Right Way

Nearly all of our resources and education is provided free of charge and our business model and fees are based on the design & implementation of strategies. This means that our profitability is connected to our clients reaching the next stage of their strategy. We win, when you win, leading to long-term and prosperous relationships between our clients and our team.

The Right Team

Our team of over 30 specialists includes all the qualified and licensed professionals that a client will need over the life of their strategy, ensuring independent and specific advice for their own unique circumstances. This team maximises the results our clients produce while delivering the highest levels of customer service and economies of scale that ensure our fees are highly competitive while providing superior value.

Our team have also won a number of awards across their individual industries and are handpicked to reflect the values and passion we have for performance and contribution.

We pride ourselves on being the best that we can be and you can read more about our Vision, Mission and Core Values on this page.

We now have a plan and pathway for building our future. We were very satisfied with the Infinite Group process, and have recommended to our friends & family.

Bradley Thompson

Our Vision

Why We Do What We Do

Our vision is that people live a life free from the constraints of their finances, are inspired to pursue the things that really matter to them, and able to make the difference in the world they want to make.

Our Mission

What We Do

We provide the education, direction and ongoing support for everyday hardworking Australians to reach their financial goals, whether they be homeownership, travel and lifestyle or early retirement.

We are the real deal, we are proud of what we do and we deliver!

Our Core Values

How We Do What We Do

A person, group or organisation that treats their word with great honour, respect and worth.

To give or to help a person, group, cause, organisation or community as an act of service, generosity and personal resolve.

Customer Service
On a foundation of relatedness, maintain the courage for straight communication and the diligence to anticipate the needs and expectations of others.

The capacity to understand a situation and to act with accountability and leadership; enabling effectiveness in any given situation. Professionalism begins with the willingness to be cause-in-the-matter.

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